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PreKindergarten - 5th Grade 
Standards Alignment

Julie Jupiter books are designed to connect children of various reading levels and communication skills. Each book optimizes interaction among the readers with communication and vocabulary support, and encourages reader response from all readers, whether they are developing their vocabulary, are English language learners, or have special communication needs.

The entire collection supports the following K-5 ELA TEKS:

Foundational skills: Listening/asking questions and working collaboratively

K.1.A,D; 1.1.A,D; 2.1.A,D; 3.1.A,D; 4.1.A,D; 5.1.A,D

Foundational skills: Print awareness

K.2.D; 1.2.D

Foundational skills: Vocabulary

K.3.A-C, 1.3.A,B,D; 2.3.A,D; 3.3.A,D; 4.3.A,D; 5.3.A,D

Comprehension skills

K.5.F; 1.6.A-F; 2.6.A-B; 3.6.A-B; 4.6.A-B; 5.6.A-B

Response skills

K.6.B-F; 1.7.A-F; 2.7.C,F; 3.7.C,F; 4.7.C,F; 5.7.C,F

Multiple Genres

K.7.A-D; 1.7.A-D; 2.7.A-D; 3.7.A-D; 4.7.A-D; 5.7.A-D

K.8.B; 1.9.B; 2.9.B; 3.9.B (Rhythm & Rhyme)

Certain titles also support K-5 Science TEKS:

“What Kind of Scientist Are YOU?”

Science TEKS: Scientific investigation & reasoning

K.3.C , 1.3.C, 2.3.C, 3.3.C, 4.3.C, 5.3.C


“Weather Fashion Show”

Science TEKS: Earth & Space

K.8.A, 1.8.A, 2.8.A-B, 3.8.A, 4.8.A

“Penny’s Push and Pull Day”

Science TEKS: Force, motion, and energy

K.6.D, 1.6.B-C, 2.6.C, 3.6.B, 4.6.D

Texas PreKindergarten Guidelines:

Social and Emotional Development

I.B.1-3 (Self-Regulation)

I.C.1 (Relationships with Others)

I.D.1. (Social Awareness)

Language and Communication

II.A.1, 3 (Listening Comprehension)

II.B.1-5 (Speaking/Conversation Skills)

II.D.1-6 (Vocabulary)

II.E.1, 6-8 (Sentence and Structure Skills)


III.A.1-3 (Motivation to Read)

III.D.1-4 (Comprehension of Text Read Aloud)

III.E.1-3 (Print Concepts)


VI.A.2 (Position and Motion of Objects)

VI.A.3, VI.B.1 (Measuring Devices/ Science Tools)

VI.B.3 (Seasons/Weather & Clothing)

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