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Communication Book Features

Included in Every Julie Jupiter Book


Vocabulary Strips on Each Page

Each page includes a vocabulary strip to facilitate communication about what is happening in the story on that page.

Communication CORE Boards

CORE boards provide different parts of speech to allow children to put together ideas and ask and answer questions about the book.


Vocabulary Boards

Thematic (e.g.: restaurants, weather, science tools) vocabulary boards help children learn how to communicate about the topic of the book.

Guided Comprehension Questions with Visual Support

Comprehension questions offer multiple choice options with visual supports to help children show what they understand.


Practical Guides for Parents, Teachers, and SLPs

Guides help teachers, SLPs, and parents get the most out of Julie Jupiter books. They can be used in the home or the classroom, whether reading one-on-one with a child, or with a small or large group.

Book Features: Work
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