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Book Club Activity Packs & Resources

Printable Communication and Vocabulary Resources

Printable resources to accompany and enrich Julie Jupiter Book Club books are available on


Functional and Academic 
Vocabulary Books
and Task Cards

Vocabulary book pages and task cards help kids strengthen their functional and academic vocabulary with communication boards featuring both pictures and photos. Kids build their basic learning and language skills with task cards for identical and non-identical matching, labeling, syllabication, spelling, rhyming, and other skills.

Free Communication Boards
for Julie Jupiter books

Free printable communication boards, including CORE communication boards, topical functional and academic vocabulary, and emotions/feelings boards are available to support all Julie Jupiter titles.

No Prep Book Club Activity Packs

Activity Packs support learning with fun activities. Activity packs include an abridged printable version of the book, communication boards, differentiated writing and comprehension activities with visual support, fun word searches, mazes, games, puppets for retelling, and more. Activity packs help the child connect with reading in fun and playful ways.

Activity Packs & Resources: Work
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